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Hockey Shooting Tarps
No time to get to the rink? No goalie? No problem!

Penalty Shot Sports makes the most realistic hockey shooting tarps on the market. The life-size goalie and regulation-size goal image simulates actual game play.

With the hockey Garage Goalie       you can rip shots all day at home and develop a more powerful, accurate shot, focusing on vital goal target locations.  Available with a "standard goalie" or "old school goalie." 

No more chasing pucks that miss the goal!  No more broken windows, dented garage doors or holes in sheetrock! 

Made of the highest quality heavyweight (18 oz.) vinyl, to withstand years of shooting practice with regulation hockey pucks.

Make the most of your time on and off the ice, and take your game to the next level!
Garage Goalie
Perfect for use at home – on the garage door opening, inside the garage, or in the basement.
  • Five target holes catch the pucks in the "pocket" behind the target. 
  • Measures 7'x16' to fit most standard garage door openings.
  • Can be folded and installed on a single car garage door, too. 
  • Folds up for easy storage.